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URUBIT White Paper


Latin America has always suffered from high inflation, a poor payment system and low banking usage.

 Urubit was born as a solution to the problem.  It is the first digital currency developed in Uruguay, and the most innovative in Latin America.

 Urubit Group, the founding team, seeks to bring the benefits of Blockchian to the region by developing Crypto-financial products that are simple, safe, legal and accessible to all.

 -U-Wallet by URUBIT-
   Urubit is the native currency of U-Wallet, the simplest and most intuitive cryptocurrency wallet. Supports BEP20 and ERC20 network. U-Wallet is designed to be the "Hub" of various financial savings and investment products.  In addition, it is the official wallet of UTM, the first network of crypto ATMs in Latin America.

 U-Wallet is available on Android, and is scheduled to be released on iOS in March 2022.

 U-Wallet is non-profit and guarantees the lowest fees.  It has an integrated WEB3 browser for DApps along with the WalletConnect connection system to provide greater ease to the user.  

 Our app also stands out for its biometric security, the ability to add custom tokens, unlimited wallet creation and import, and its automatic fee calculator.

 -U-Teller by URUBIT- 

  The region has a big problem, it is difficult to access the buy/sell of cryptocurrencies, and many scams are generated around ignorance and innocence.
U-Teller is a Urubit Group company, and its first product is UTM: a network of cryptocurrency ATMs focused on the South American region.  UTM was launched in January 2022, and was supported by the renowned company Binance. 

 U-Teller's plan is to be the first choice for people when looking to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

 UTM will expand in Q2 2022 to all Uruguay, and later to countries such as Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, Colombia and Mexico.

Once U-Teller is established and stable, the profits will be used as follows:

 -30% is used to buy URUBIT and increase its market capitalization.
-70% is invested in expanding and maintaining the network, legal and operating expenses.

 -URUBIT token-

 URUBIT token emerges as the solution to the poor payment processing system in South America.  It is the only deflationary and 100% decentralized option to save, invest and pay.

 The main features of URUBIT token are the automatic redistribution of static rewards and its deflationary system which removes tokens from the supply for each transaction, making URUBIT increasingly valuable due to its scarcity, unlike government-issued coins.

 /Static rewards for holders and burns.

 One of the main objectives of URUBIT is to guarantee the peace of mind of its holders and reward them while promoting savings through static rewards, ensuring passive income.

 For every URUBIT transaction, 2% of the total transaction amount is divided and distributed among all token holders based on how much they hold, and another 2% is burned and removed from the supply.

 Urubit Group, bringing the benefits of blockchain to Latin America.

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