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Beware of scammers! U-Wallet doesn't have a official accounts on social media.

U-Wallet v4 is coming soon!

Create and import Unlimited Wallets

With U-Wallet, you can create and manage all the wallets you need and access them at any time within the same platform.

  • Create a new wallet pressing one button
  • Import your old wallet with your seed phrase
  • Manage multiple wallets in the same place

Add your custom tokens

U-Wallet allows you to exceed the limits of the pre-established tokens so that you can add as many as you want simply with the address of the contract and one click.

  • Add custom tokens with their adresses
  • ERC20 and BEP20 tokens supported

WEB3 browser Built-in

Interact with your favorite DApps in the simplest way using the U-Wallet WEB3 browser.

  • Swap on PancakeSwap or Uniswap easily
  • Connect your wallet with WalletConnect
  • Discover new DApps

Biometric Security

Protect your seed phrase with the most advanced biometric security, or with a PIN code, if you prefer.