The URUBit Lottery

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Prize Pot

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Lottery closes at 9:00 PM (21:00) UTC of each day

How to Play

If the random number is the same as your ticket number you win the prize pool!

Connect your wallet

When you load this page, a MetaMask pop up will appear asking you to approve $URUB transactions for this website, accept the transaction and wait until it is approved by the blockchain. 

You just need to do this process once per wallet.


Buy Tickets

After connecting your wallet to the website, fill the "Buy Tickets" input with the quantity of tickets that you want to buy and press the Buy button. Remember that you need enough $URUB in your balance to buy the tickets or your transaction will be reverted.

Wait for the Result

Each 24 hours the lottery closses and the winner is selected with a random number generated in the blockchain between the range of sold tickets. The winner wallet gets the 90% of the prize pool while 5% of the pool is added to the URUBIT liquidity and the other 5% goes to the marketing wallet.